Collide by Gail McHugh - Her mind tried to fight a bloody battle against what her body already knew. She wanted him, and she wanted him the heels of. Collide: Book One in the Collide Series - site edition by Gail McHugh. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Collide is the epitome of a great love story sexy, emotional, and Collide: Book One in the Collide Series - site edition by Gail McHugh. Download it once site Store; ›; site eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction.

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Read "Collide Book One in the Collide Series" by Gail McHugh available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Her mind tried to . Colliding with a second chance K. Bromberg Bully by Penelope Douglas Collide by Gail McHugh Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren Shelves: ebooks. Compre Collide: Book One in the Collide Series (English Edition) de Gail McHugh na Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos, lançamentos.

Closing the door behind him, he shed the rest of his clothing and tossed them into a pile. Dillon walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and got in. Did you cover yourself up? Good Lord, did he expect her to go swimming fully clothed?

After downing a shot of tequila, a slight pang of guilt for not giving Dillon the little he had asked from her hit the pit of her stomach. She actually felt guilty for turning him down for sex. Nothing special. I mean, sure, he was sweet and all, but after a while, I just felt sorry for him. To his credit, he did eventually come clean, but, by that point, I was over his cowardice.

He talked a big game, but that was about it—all talk, no action. He more or less tolerated Dillon for reasons unknown. I found the book as a whole to be somewhat boring, and by somewhat I mean completely. It was melodramatic, predictable, and overly long and wordy.

The plot relied too heavily on contrived miscommunication and misunderstandings. Basically, it was angst for the sake of angst. It had potential, but fell short on delivery. One last thing: At first glance, I thought the couple on the book cover was two women. View all 33 comments. Mar 13, "That's All" Ash rated it liked it Shelves: Okie dokie. I just need to get a few things out of the way before I can tell you how awesome this book is.

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But you gave only it three stars, Ash. Let me break this down for you: He Okie dokie. He also pushes Emily around both metaphorically and literally. And there you will everything that is Dillon. Because Emily meets another guy, Gavin Blake. And sexy. And gorgeous. And a multi-millionaire business mogul. And he can dance. Oh, and he also says things like: I want the laughing and the forehead kisses. I want the date nights, the movie watching, and the breakfast making.

I want the late-night drives, the sunset watching, the screaming, the yelling, and the crying. I want the good, the bad, and the in-between.

And by the way… Hey, Gavin? But next time? Try U-Haul. Despite all that… I absolutely do recommend this book.

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Because holy SHIT! It was hot, guys. I loved the plot design, Gavin, the writing… everything. Except for the heroine. View all 86 comments. Dec 30, Christy rated it it was amazing. D Absolutely fantastic!

This story kept me on the edge of my seat and completely held my attention. Attracting, compelling, colliding, their chemistry- to say the least- was explosive.

The summer after her senior year of college, Emily moves from her home in Colorado to New York City to be closer to her boyfriend Dillon.

Since her mother died of breast cancer, she has nothing to keep her there. She moves in with her best friend and college room mate, Olivia and gets a job waitressing for the summer while she applies for teaching jobs.

On her first day at the restaurant, Emily makes a delivery on her way home Gavin and Emily both feel an instant attraction, a spark right away.

Want-to-strip-your-body-naked-and-let-him-devour-you-alive good looking. Tall, Dark, and Fuckable Handsome. She tells him her name is Molly and even though she is intrigued, she denies because she has a boyfriend. A few nights later, Emily meets her boyfriend Dillon at a bar. She is meeting some of his friends there Tall, Dark and Fuckable himself!

That makes things a little more complicated. They are drawn to each other. And Gavin realizes, he will do whatever it takes to have Emily. This book had me on an emotional roller coaster! I loved it , I hated it, it made me laugh, cry, I screamed and shouted, the twists and turns had me frustrated- I was all over the place, but I loved every second of it!

Normally, I am not the biggest fan of love triangles. I always feel bad for someone That helps. Certain things about this story reminded me of Thoughtless, the angsty love triangle and all. I may be slightly obsessed with Gavin Blake right now His is sexy, swoony, strong, confident, funny, and yummy! He has got a sweet side I loved the bottle caps!

My heart broke for him at times. Ah he was the best! Every part of you was made for me. Your lips were made to kiss mine, your eyes were made to wake up to me looking at you in my bed every morning, and your fucking tongue was made to roll my name off of it.

Let me love every part of you. Your mind Give me all of it.

Emily was relatable and lovable, most of the time anyway. Other times she was really frustrating. Most of the supporting characters were great.

I especially loved Olivia. She was the greatest best friend to Emily. She was sassy and funny! She had me cracking up! But a warning about the ending We really have to wait until summer for Pulse to come out? The writing was smooth and the story just flowed. I could go on and on about how much I loved this book I have a feeling this book is going to be the next big thing!

A must read! I highly recommend it: View all 54 comments. Collide book 1. The Collide series should be read as a set and in order: While searching for a more permanent position as a school teacher, she takes a summer job as a waitress. On her first day at work she encounters handsome mogul and playboy Gavin Blake and sparks fly. And so the love triangle begins… Follow the three of them through ups and downs; seduction, misunderstanding, betrayal, love, lust and jealousy.

Gavin Blake is the perfect hero. At first he comes across as the jaded, bored, ultra rich playboy. But as the story progresses, we learn there are many more layers to him. Six words to describe Gavin: Memorable, noble, intense, charming, captivating and… shmexy.

He simply was a force she couldn't help but notice. Five words to describe Kate: And you, my friend, are shmexy. This is a debut by Ms. I feel she did an excellent job on character development of both the heroes and villains. I really enjoyed their story, very much thanks to Gavin. Though the writing was a bit long-winded and predictable at times it really did not bother me!

Captivating plot! Hot, shmexy and memorable hero! Excellent read! Thanks Ms. Would I re-read this series: Probably later. Would I read future books by this author: View all 93 comments. You fight and fight until you absolutely can't fight anymore. You know it's a good book when it takes you into this roller coaster ride of emotions.

I swear this book brought on many feels! Normally I don't appreciate books that have something to do with complicated love triangles, but this one seemed to be an exception. Collide , the first book of Collide series, started when Emily Coooper moved to New York to attain "When you want something this badly, you don't just give up.

Collide , the first book of Collide series, started when Emily Coooper moved to New York to attain a career and to move on from what happened to her mom. She's a country girl but with the help of her boyfriend Dillon , she was able to adjust to the city life. While working part-time at an Italian restaurant, she met the rich and dangerously hot guy Gavin Blake.

There was a sudden spark between them, a connection that they weren't able to resist. But she's in a relationship with Dillon, so it shouldn't be possible for her to get attracted to Gavin.

What struck me while reading this book was the huge amount angst in it. Talk about an anxiety-inducing love story. I don't usually condone this kind of story because it isn't fair for a girl to be extremely attracted to another man while she's in a relationship with someone, but heck, her boyfriend Dillon is a total jerk! A pretensions, big liar. All throughout the book, I was really rooting for Emily and Gavin to be together and hoped that she will immediately break up with Dillon.

I swear she did it countless times and it was getting on my nerves! I guess she's the only reason why I can't bring myself to rate it 5 stars.

Biggest pet peeves: But Gavin Blake He's the perfect thing that happened in this book. I loved his character so much it hurts. I wish all heroes are like him. Tell you what, he already owned all the best attributes in a book boyfriend. The romance in this book was so damn good, I couldn't ask for more.

So much sexual tension and frustration all around. As a whole, I enjoyed it. It hooked me from the very first chapter up to the last. It's my first Gail McHugh read and I loved her writing style and the way she rendered such a story with so much conflicts. Definitely going to read the second book! All of it is what's going to make us amazing together. View all 28 comments. Jan 13, Mich rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yes, there is a massive cliffhanger at the end, but it is soooo worth the ride.

He dipped his head and started feathering his lips against her temple, down her cheek, and along the curve of her jaw. The song seems perfectly written for the above scene in the book View all 18 comments.

Dec 24, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Attracting, compelling, colliding, their chemistry-to say the least-was explosive. Where to begin? Emily Cooper is a beautiful young woman who is as unmistakably genuine as she is decidedly naive Emily She has just lost her mother to cancer and is moving away from her small town to join her boyfriend, Dillon Parker, in New York. Dillon has been there for her in every way imaginable when it came to her mother's illness.

F I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Flying back and forth with her without complaint, comforting her during her loss, and even helping with the funeral arrangements and costs Dillon She's now graduated college and is looking for a job in her field, enjoying the culture and life of the big city That is, until, she runs into Gavin Blake Gavin At this moment I would just like to say that Mr.

Gavin Blake is definitely one of my top book boys! And here is why Gavin Blake," he deadpanned, reaching for a beer from a six-pack on the floor. He's rich, handsome, and confident. They usually are right? However, there was something different about Gavin. Anytime he was in the story, I found that I was smiling like a chesire cat.

He's just an all around loveable guy Emily now has a boyfriend whom she loves and this handsome stranger who will stop at nothing to get to know her. She knows where she stands though, she is not one to be dishonest to the very man who was there for her in her most trying time As luck would have it, Emily does in fact get to know Gavin and be in his life.

Not because she chose to, but because mutual friends make themselves known Their chemistry and banter was definitely laugh out loud worthy and some of the moments they shared as friends just left you swooning even more over Gavin Especially when they play their little game out on the porch one night and it turns into a "thing" for them..

Every time I see a beer bottle cap now, it holds a very special place in my heart What happens though, when the choices you make turn out to be so completely life altering, you're not sure if your original plan was the path you were supposed to follow? That kiss had been devastating, painful, euphoric, and everything else she had imagined it would be-all wrapped into one. Emily, Dillon and Gavin's story was an interesting one. With twists and turns throughout up until the end.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I wanted to slap Emily for her choices or lack thereof and sometimes I wanted to tell her to just go for it. Other times, I wanted to punch Dillon in the face. Sometimes being in a relationship because it seems like the "right thing" to do, doesn't always make it the healthiest choice. Emily had some decisions to make concerning her happiness and what she thought her happiness entailed Life and love isn't always simple.

Often it's beyond complicated. Emily's story was about finding a balance, believing in herself, and knowing when to say enough is enough. She had the help of great friends and a very loving sister This book had a little bit of everything to keep you wanting more and be forewarned, you will not see a resolution to the story by the end.. Emily's life went from simple to chaotic in no time flat. She doubts herself and feels, at times, like her world is crumbling apart because of the decisions she's made.

I loved the advice her best friend gave her, letting her know that even though things aren't always black and white, it doesn't mean that it needs to get the best of you and make you doubt your self worth View all 66 comments.

Dec 28, Karen rated it it was amazing. Can't write a review until I get back from my therapy session. I think I may be permanently scarred by this one. So after contemplating a review for this book, all I can tell you is that I feel like I'm sitting on the scariest and most exhilarating roller coaster ride I've ever been on.

But the ride has ended, and I don't want to get off I want to go again The park is closing and they've called the security guards to kick my ass off Am I insane? I think I just might be. I cannot give you much more than that, because this book is nothing but one big spoiler You have to read ride it yourself to understand. And let me tell you it's one un-fucking-believeable ride!!!!! Its about a girl who meets the right guy at the wrong time. The characters are well developed and fabulous, the good and the bad I loved hated every minute of it.

But be prepared View all 44 comments. Jul 13, Mo rated it really liked it. Ok, you all know I love my Badass Alpha males, but now and again I like to read about a decent, nice, honourable guy and Gavin Blake sure is one of them.

How did I miss this book before now? Not usually a fan of love triangles but if you meet the one you are meant to be with what can you do? Gavin is sheer perfection. Emily sort of annoyed me a bit when she automatically Ok, you all know I love my Badass Alpha males, but now and again I like to read about a decent, nice, honourable guy and Gavin Blake sure is one of them. Emily sort of annoyed me a bit when she automatically jumped to a conclusion when a certain person answered the door but hey, we got to build for the next book!

Your lips were made to kiss mine, your eyes were made to wake up to me looking at you in my bed every morning and your fucking tongue was made to roll my name off of it. Without another word, he shoved his hands in his pockets and walked over to his car. View all 55 comments.

I've always been a reader and there have been periods of times in my life where I took a break maybe to study or when I had my children etc I loved the babysitters club when I was a teenager then a few years later I found love with the twilight series and read them all in a week, I couldn't find anything at the time that hooked me so stopped but then the one and only Fifty shades of grey came out which left me like HOLY SHIT where do I go now?

Well then I met the one and only Gavin Blake I've been at the edge of the chair, bed, standing up with site in hand, talking to the kids sorting activities out, cooking etc because this story kept me up and I could. So you get I love this right Right onto the review!!! The story When Emily's Mum dies of cancer and she's just finished college she decides to move to 'Big' New York to be closer to her boyfriend Dillon and embark on a new journey and a fresh start.


But being that Emily is in love with Dillon she push's those thoughts away. Oh hell that's all she needs right?? And so this story starts Mr Gavin Blake Gavin is maybe what people would say is a bachelor, he's Sexy, fuckable, dominant, but I really don't see him as a bachelor at all yes he's single, yes he has money, yes he has sports cars, yes he see's women for one reason only but when he see's Emily his heart craves hers, he's not selfish, he's loving, caring, he just wants to love her.

We would say Gavin is like a onion there's many layers that needs to be peeled back. His friendship with Emily is although instant and there attraction is Intense, Gavin just wants Emily to be happy and wants to be Emily's friend so they embark on a friendship Molly erm I mean Miss Emily Cooper With Emily starting a new life with Dillon and loosing her Mum she's a little vulnerable so when Dillon says go she goes, she was infuriating at times I wanting her to stand up for herself but if I was in her position would I act in that way?

His true colours start to come out slowly. But "Sometimes bad choices bring us to the right people. She is a strong woman and the bestest friend she made me smile and laugh at all of her Dillion names freaking hilarious Gavins family were great they obviously have money but this is not the core to there life and each other I loved them all.

She'll pull at your every instinct. Without any regard to the natural order of things, she'll just And a little warning but not really for us that have waited Don't wait now both Collide and Pulse are out, go read peeps: View all 41 comments. I picked this book up because one of our blog followers emailed me and told me how good it is Thanks Cavell! I do so love an emotional, angsty story that holds my attention, affects me soul deep and pretty much rips out my heart and this book did all of that to me.

I felt fully connected to the characters, understood all their terrible predicaments and despaired that the course of true love never did run smooth. I guess there must be a latent sadist somewhere deep I picked this book up because one of our blog followers emailed me and told me how good it is Thanks Cavell! I guess there must be a latent sadist somewhere deep inside of me because I am never more engrossed in a story than when the characters are forced to suffer deeply and suffer deeply they surely do.

Emily has just moved to New York after the death of her mother from cancer. She met him at college when Olivia, her best friend, invited her brother and a friend down to stay. Oh, what a fatalistic decision that was! It really was a missed first encounter, colliding with a second chance. He feels her even before he turns around and lays eyes on her for the first time.

Emily is similarly affected and shocked when Gavin pursues her but she manages to push him away, her loyalty lying with Dillon. He tries to get closer to her but he finally realises with horror that she is THE Emily that Dillon has been talking about for several months. I so loved this, was completely unable to put it down. All you can do is watch in horror completely unable to look away and this is how I felt reading this book.

I understood how Emily felt — she cares deeply for Dillon but is falling hard for Gavin and nothing she can do or any guilt she carries can stop this. Gavin does Battle Royale with his emotions. I loved Gavin — despite being described as a P.

Let me take care of you. Let me love you. This was quite simply all kinds of awesome — as I read it I was spellbound, enthralled and engrossed, I just could not put it down, its so compelling. Colllide 2. View all 31 comments. Jan 26, Jaye rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Okay, what the hell? This book actually made me want to swear.

Oh sugar, big problem for me. I have to say, of the three major characters -- that is Gavin, Dillon, and Emily -- Gavin was the least objectionable. He was a tad too mushy and "in-touch" with his feelings for my taste; otherwise, not horrible. Dillon, what a d-bag. I do not understand Emily's relationship with him. We, as readers, are supposed to bu Okay, what the hell?

We, as readers, are supposed to download that he was sweet and charming before New York and then flipped the switch? The transition was too abrupt for me, especially considering I did not get the chance to meet him before this "transformation.

From the beginning, this girl has no backbone. This made it extremely difficult for me to relate to her.

And it gets worse from there. Not only was she weak, but she was inconsistent. For example, her reaction to Gina. Earlier in the book, she actually sees Dillon and Monica kissing and takes him back. However, when she sees Gina open the door sans pants, she completely freaks, cuts all communication with Gavin allowing him no explanation , and gets back together with Dillon the manhandling s. On one hand, I understand her reaction with Gavin was supposed to be more dramatic because she feels deeper for him.

On the other, her not even talking to him or confronting him about it? Not cool. As such, I was unable to understand Gavin's love for her. She just didn't seem worthy. Also, I didn't like that it never once entered her head to just be alone. She's incapable of seeing her options.

Why doesn't she see that she does not have to be with either Gavin or Dillon. They are not her only choices! The ending is what really threw me over the edge. She lets Dillon rape her!!! The book ends with her leaving Dillon asleep to run back to Gavin. The kicker? Before leaving Dillon, she whispers a soft goodbye; no venom, no sarcasm, no nothing. Girl, he basically just raped you!

I really didn't like this book. Emily and I didn't start off on a good foot and, by the end, I was ready to kill her. I hated her. If I met this girl in real life, we wouldn't get along. The secondary characters, themselves, were nothing to write home about and didn't really serve a purpose despite the author's attempt to develop Olivia. Ugh, I hate writing reviews like this, but I will definitely not be following this series.

Honestly, I'm sorry I spent the money View all 3 comments. Being a self-professed angst whore, I've officially found a book that has so much angst and senseless drama, it drove me batshit cray-cray!

Ah, I feel slightly better getting that off my chest. The bulk of this book my feelings were a bit like this- Seriously. If you hate love triangles or wishy washy heroines who've got men falling over them for NO reason, this book is NOT for you. Now, upon meeting Gavin Blake, I was seriously feeling I mean, the guy is cut, wears a suit that hides his dragon tattoo that ventures to a happy place beneath the belt line. What warm blooded woman wouldn't choose him? Emily you're a dumbass.

Are you stupid? Seriously, a controlling douchenozzle cheater or a sex-on-a-stick millionaire. You did NOT choose the former Seriously, shoot me NOW! But the cliffy end, ya know, the one that made me thank God put off reading this series until Pulse came out On edge?

All I've gotta say is the start of Pulse better give me some Followed by a bit of Gavin and Emily There, I feel so much better.

Ta-ta for now dumbfuck Dillon I'm sure we'll meet again! View all 49 comments. Apr 25, BookHeroin rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's a story about a girl called Emily Cooper.

Emily moves to New York City with her boyfriend Dillon Parker , Dillon takes care of Emily, he provides everything she needs and especially after her mother's death, he was there for her, emotionally and financially! Then she meets Gavin Blake New York most eligible bachelor, he's sexy, smart,and charming as hell!

At the time she didn't realize that view spoiler [he was her boyfriend's best friend hide spoiler ] and when she meets him "officially " her feelings are not certain anymore, she's confused , unhappy,and turned on!

As the story goes we see how Dillon treats her, and how Gavin treats her. We also see her feelings are not the same for her boyfriend anymore and we also see how her feelings Evolve towards Gavin. Will she choose Gavin Blake or Dillon Parker at the end? Will Dillon even allow her to make the choice or he'll force her in to choosing him?

I hated it because i was angry most of it. I mean Emily is stupid pushover!! Maybe she couldn't i'll give her that, you see Dillon is a dick with a capital D he's cruel and asshole, he treats her like a trophy, if he said jump she'll say how high???? He helped her financially as i said earlier when her mother's death and also when she moved to new york BUT he won't let her forget it!! The only reason she's with him is because she feels obligated to stay, and she feels that she owes him something!

No darling you do not! The Ending: The Characters Gavin Blake: UGH i'm angry at her. Dillon Parker: I didn't know at which point i KNEW he was a dick but thank god it was from the very beginning.

Dillon pulled his chair away from the table. Thump… Dillon slowly got down on one knee. Thump…thump… Dillon produced a small black velvet box. Flat line…. If you would've told me the day we met that you were going to break my heart— and that days, months, or even years would pass, that I would still be hurting like this—it wouldn't have stopped me from falling in love with you.

Emily Cooper Gavin Blake Make sure to follow my reviews Dec 23, Bookhooking Tanya Childress rated it it was amazing Shelves: Holy hell of a good story here!

If I could give it more than five stars I most definitely would!! Gail McHugh introduced me to my first book boyfriend of and his name is none other than Gavin Blake!! I didn't wa Holy hell of a good story here!

I only wanted to throw my site once lol The last quote I will leave you with because I was a highlighting queen let me tell you. View all 14 comments. I didn't hate this book. I enjoyed the story. The writing wasn't anything special, but the overall book wasn't that bad. Gavin was the best part of this book. He is a sweetie pie who does says some really swoony stuff.

I even got turned on a couple times, so that's always a plus. My Gavin: I can't even talk about Emily without getting upset So I will just say this His face can fucking burn and melt off, for all I care!

View all 23 comments. Emily, baby girl you're so stupid!!! I mean come on girl, how couldn't you see the facts huh? Gavin honey. I can eat you up!!! You're just gonna be fine. I mean, I hope so You're such a dick and please I want you to give in to the way you trembled in my arms when I touched you… the way your breathing becomes faster when I look at you. I loved the way your lips felt against mine, a Emily, baby girl you're so stupid!!!

I also enjoy the way I can almost feel you becoming wet for me right now. With his need for her trapped inside — blistering hot, sweltering, ready to explode — he leaned in closer, dropping his voice. In want the good, the bad and e in between.

View all 8 comments. Jan 16, Ash Wednesday rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I'm having a hard time composing my thoughts because seriously, WTF did I just read?! And Jesus, its going to be a series?! Okay, coming into these kinds of books, you have certain expectations. I expect a serious amount of fluff and aww-shucks-ain't-that-sweet moments, drama is also requisite some jealousy-induced punching, some crying in the rain , parties where everyone dresses up, non-graphic sex with dirrrrty talk This book had everything and our backyard in there.

All the possible permutations of all the cliches we've read in contemporary romance smacks you in the face. All the reasons why it should've worked.

And yet The root of all fail in this book is the dialogue. It's too Also, "Ah, yes, brother-in-law, take all the credit. Who calls their brother-in-law 'brother-in-law' to their face? And it's everywhere!

Characters calling their friend, brother, sister, pal etc. It drove me crazy! Then there were the characters. The only character who I liked was Dillon.

The supposed anti-hero was the only person in this story who reflected believable emotions and reactions for every situation he was in. And yes, he's still a douchebag but then that was the role he was meant to play.

Unlike Gavin, who I'm supposed to swoon over but dear Lord, that guy just cheesed me off. Actually my dislike of him was mostly still rooted to the way he talks: Just do what I asked. Gavin " Ladies, that for you is your hero, Gavin Blake.

But far be it the only thing that will deter me from going Team Dillon all the way actually I'm not team anything but humor me. No see, Gavin had a former flame by the name of Gina who makes an appearance somewhere in the middle of all this insanity.

So they had a bitter past and you know how he handles a certain situation with her? Fuming mad. He wanted to throw her out but can't since she was so drunk. Then he dreams about her giving him head. Gavin and the author obviously hadn't heard the adage that the opposite of love isn't hate but indifference because if he's seriously in love with Emily, that wouldn't have been the tone of that conversation. And what was up with that dream? Will that bite him in the ass ever?

Because there was not one mention of it afterwards. Emilie will probably get the brunt of the readers' hatred because she really was unbearably foolish and for me, evil.

To actually view spoiler [ go back and marry Dillon because she thought Gavin was sleeping with Gina without plans of telling him even when he flat out asked hide spoiler ] is such a dick thing to do. Can a girl be a dick? While harboring secrets of his own, Dillon Parker takes care of Emily through her grief.

Ahora que Emily Cooper ha roto con su primera pareja, corre en busca de su unico amor. Hundida en la miseria, pero aferrandose a la esperanza, arriesga todo lo que le queda por el hombre que ocupa sus pensamientos y suenos desde que se conocieron. Querra Gavin volver con ella? Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases.

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Add to Basket Add to Wishlist. Usually ships working days — This title is in stock at publisher.He tries to get closer to her but he finally realises with horror that she is THE Emily that Dillon has been talking about for several months. This book needs to be experienced page by page, word for word.

I found the book as a whole to be somewhat boring, and by somewhat I mean completely. Dillon was there for Emily in her terrible moments of grief and due to all the background they have, this start means much to them in order to make their relation permanent.

But her character otherwise is you know kind of portrayed in a different way so her general spinelessness when it came to him pissed me off. When their paths cross again through an unexpected mutual acquaintance, she tries to deny the connection she feels, but Mr. I want the good, the bad, and the in-between. Formatting may be different depending on your device and eBook type. She was an assault on his senses a constant thirst needing to be quenched.

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