Snapshots from hell by Peter Robinson, , Warner Books edition, in English. 2 editions of Snapshots from hell found in the catalog. Add another edition? Download ebook for print-disabled Download Protected DAISY. In Snapshots from Hell, we follow Robinson from his first harrowing days at "math camp" through his valiant, sometimes triumphant, sometimes futile attempts to. Based on the daily diary Peter Robinson kept at Stanford Business School, and peppered with a cast of unforgettable characters and situations.

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This work is an attempt to provide an answer to the paramount question every prospective student asks, "What is business school really like?" During his first. Snapshots From Hell book. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Peter Robinson's Snapshots from Hell is a hilarious and enlight. John Evers had been propelled to fame through his legendary photographic exhibits in the posh galleries of New York City. Moving himself and his wife to.

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Snapshots On Hell Street

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Peninsula Crimes, Book Three

The view into the lives of these people is fascinating -- if you want some idea what makes them tick, this book is well worth reading.

When I saw it at the bookstore of my company, I finally decided to give it a read. Now my MBA was quite ok compared to my engineering, which was my hell. And believe-you-me, it was much more of a hell than Mr. Robinson can ever imagine. In fact, it reminds me of a line in the popular TV Series my favorite F.

This is a book a lot of my friends had been talking about during my MBA days.

And that is quite the brilliance of the book. To convey what exactly was hellish about what the students in the Stanford Class of It is not about getting abducted by a gang of fundamentalists or the operations of a secret anti-normal-pro-weird cult or a heart rending romantic tragedy or raining-bullets action or any such thing.

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Actually, it is what every single troubled student would go through in his academic course. Which is why everyone can relate to the book and enjoy it, and not enjoy it sadistically, enjoy it the way we would look at our troubled past and smile at it, silently applauding ourselves that we got through it.

Of course my MBA was very, very different than what Peter went through. Another achievement of the book is that it captures the aspirations of the fellow MBAs very accurately.

Snapshots from Hell: The Making of an MBA by Peter Robinson

The desperate struggle for grades, the summer jobs, the final jobs, dating scene, all of it… the frame of mind of the student is very accurately captured. And the best thing about the book is that it is a very, very candid, something stronger… honest, shall I say, expose of the MBA grads. The slumbering in the class, the getting through MBA with the help of partial-credit-for-partially-correct-answers in exams… yeah… the MBAs who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, indulge in all of that.

They are just humans. Well they are humans in Stanford as well.Other Editions 2.

Sometimes when in the mood to reminisce, I indulge my listener in some stories or crucial incidents from those 2 years. Poor me. Mar 01, Neha Bhambu rated it it was amazing.

English ISBN The author's perspective is slightly different from the classmates that have had business experience, but he shares most of their worst traits: It was ages ago that I read it, so I hardly remember the details, but it was the one thing that helped me feel better about doing an MBA.

The elation of the placements week is followed by the gloom of BusinessWeek magazine downgrading Stanford from second position to ninth in the Annual List of Best B-Schools.

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